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Can Diabetes Affect My Vision?

Did you know that diabetes can affect your vision? Diabetes can affect the blood vessels in your eyes and also your glasses prescription.

Glaucoma, The Silent Thief of Sight

Do all people need eye exams? Yes, everyone needs a yearly eye exam even if they do not need glasses. There is a common misconception that those with 20/20 vision who are young and healthy do not need regular comprehensive eye exams. While not everyone needs glasses, everyone benefits from an evaluation of their eye health.  

Eye Exams and Horseshoes

Do you ever put off going to the doctor because you hope your problems will clear up on their own?  I think we all cross our fingers and hope for a little luck in that way sometimes.  When it comes to your eyes, there are times when it is very important to see your optometrist right away. 

Is screen time causing eye strain?

Are you feeling the effects of screen time?  Between our smartphones, tablets, and computers we are spending an increasing amount of time in front screens each day.  And with remote learning and Zoom work meetings, many of us are finding ourselves on our devices even more.

The Optical Centre is Reopening this Weekend!

This has been a difficult few months for all of us but we are very excited that we will open again to see patients!  One exciting change is that Dr Whitmire will be available for eye exam on Saturdays in addition to Monday and Friday!  Here are some of the precautions we will have in place to protect all patients, providers and staff. 

The Doctor Is In!

Hi! I’d like to introduce myself to you. My name is Erica Whitmire and as the optometrist here at the Optical Centre, I look forward to getting to know you and helping you with all of your eye care needs. I feel very fortunate to be able to practice here, where the focus is on you, the patient.

Who owns The Optical Centre?

So who owns The Optical Centre?  My name is Darren Jones. My wife and I have five children. One girl (11) and four boys (8,6,4,1).  They are young and awesome and yes I am terrified for when we have 4 teenage boys all at once. 

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